About Us

What do we do?

Next Door is the proud (and casual!) sister restaurant of the Five Star rated fine dining restaurant, Element 112.  We are  located right next door to Element 112 on N. Main Street in Downtown Sylvania. 

We serve casual fare while still focusing on seasonal, ethical ingredients. 

What is an ethical ingredient?

Humanely raised meats and fish without any GMO. Properly raised vegetables, fruits, and grains, of the highest quality. We hope that by supporting these people we can be a positive impact on the food system and the environment.

Special Events & Other Information

 We would love to host your private event at Element 112, just next door to us. Please email  info@element112restaurant.com for more information.

Our dress code is: we don't have one! Come as you are, hang out with us at the bar or on the patio, or enjoy a bite to eat in the Next Door dining room. 

And yes, children are always welcome.